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Testimonials from women sharing their experiences...

Sexy blond woman with slim glasses

It's difficult to put into words the impact that Rosario has had on my well being and my personal growth. My husband organised a voucher for me for our 20th wedding anniversary. After days of research he decided on Rosario because of his ability to connect and he knows that's important to me. I have had hundreds of relaxation and remedial massages over the years but had never experienced a sensual or tantric massage, so l had no idea what to expect.

At the time l was  very anxious and fearful of the unknown. Rosario instantly put me at ease and empowered me to be guided by my own intuition regarding the form of massage. When you truly empower and allow yourself and be guided by your inner knowing you can go on a wonderful journey of self discovery. It has allowed me to become more connected to my husband and has definitely enhanced our relationship. I am more confident as a woman and have an even greater level of self love

I would encourage everyone to explore the idea. Rosario, thank you from the bottom of my heart x

Beth 44

Woman with green vail over head and nose and just showing eyes

I have seen Rosario on a regular basis now for over a year. What a year it has been in terms of my personal growth, and learning to sexually express myself on a new level. I have greater love for myself and others.

Rosario's touch is healing, genuine and professional. He has an amazing ability to connect on many levels, not just with touch but he's intuitive and wise.

Regardless of your current circumstances or your past experiences Rosario will warm your heart, treat you like a goddess and you will walk out feeling alive, empowered and full of life force and sexual energy!

Thank you Rosario for opening my heart.

Belinda 32

Woman with sensual eyes

I have just arrived home from my latest appointment with Rosario. I don't even know where to begin - what a change you have made to my life in just 2 short months.

I was feeling totally lost and lacking in confidence 2 years after deciding to end a 20 year relationship that had been dragging me down and draining my self esteem for years.

I thought I was coping well but something was missing. I wanted to feel good about myself again and didn't really know where to begin. I came across a random article on Facebook about tantric massage and decided to google search if this was something available in Melbourne.

Your name popped up and it took a few days to talk myself into making the call. This was a totally foreign world to me and I wasn't feeling good about myself. You put me at ease immediately from that first phone call.

I was nervous as I drove to my first appointment still not knowing exactly what to expect. When I arrived I was thankful that you sat me down and explained everything.

From that very first appointment you gained my trust with your caring touch and made me feel like a million dollars!! I could never have believed I could feel so comfortable with someone I didn't know.

You have made me feel so good about myself and I have a permanent smile on my face. You have given me the ability to turn my life around by lifting my spirits and giving me the confidence to tackle new challenges. I now feel like the world is my oyster.

Thank you Rosario for making me feel beautiful again and making me smile. Thank you for being you. Thank you for making me feel comfortable with my body. Thank you for making me laugh and thank you in advance for giving me the capacity to deal with all life's challenges with a smile on my face - and the anticipation of my next appointment.

As I have told you before - the world needs more Rosario's.

Cathy 38

Woman kissing glass shower screen

I awoke this morning to a delicious sense of anticipation, not because I was seeing Rosario today, but because I had an incredible session with him last night. I feel as if I am starting my life again, on my terms, walking into my full femininity, fully empowered.

4½ years ago, my husband of 22 years told me he didn’t want to be with me or our children anymore. I was devastated. I later found out he had been having an affair for some years. I had always felt we had a very healthy &fulfilling love life, I only found out when we were breaking up that he thought I was unkind. I felt as if my whole world had collapsed &my sense of self worth disappeared almost completely I closed the door on my sexuality.

I have been celibate for 4½ years. It was just too painful to even think of dating. Recently, I started a self development course &began to face my emotional pain &fears. I realised a recurring fear was around asking for things for myself. Asking for a hug was a big thing. In those 22 years, I had only initiated love making twice, very early on in the relationship.

As a long time energy healer, I hoped there was someone out there who could help me. Having experienced the good, the bad &the downright ugly of alternative practitioners, I started looking in earnest. I had come across tantric healing about 10 years ago, but had not found anything that I was willing to try. I searched the web for a tantric healer &taking all my courage in both hands, I called Rosario and started learning to ask for what I need.

From that first phone call, I recognised that I was in the hands of a Master. As I entered the studio, his warm, welcoming, deep compassion enfolded me. I felt no shame, no guilt, no self-consciousness. I gratefully received his gift of complete acceptance.

He quickly and naturally builds up extreme trust. Intimacy is easy. I could feel his touch healing my physical body, more importantly to me, I could feel his guiding energies paving the way for my shattered heart, my tattered soul to heal themselves. He worked with reverence, with extreme kindness &immense skill.

As I wake today, I am starting the rest of my life, joyfully, as a fulfilled &complete woman. In your immense humility, Rosario, I honour you for this gift I continue to receive. Thank you.

Karen H. (Rosanna)

Gorgeous woman with flower in her hair and blue sunglasses

When I called Rosario to enquire about the massage, I was so nervous! When I arrived for my appointment, I was nervous! When I met him for the first time, I felt so nervous! But when he started massaging me I felt instant re-assurance!

felt instant re-assurance!

So, if you are nervous, I cannot emphasize enough that Rosario is completely professional and extremely respectful of your comfort zone.

I tend to be a nervous person and I felt 100% safe and reassured by Rosario. It was a truly valuable experience to learn about my body and the way it responds in a sexual way outside of the context of a relationship or any situation with a partner where there may be other emotions and expectations that get in the way.

You will leave his session feeling incredibly relaxed and at the same time energized and with an understanding of the amazing sensations that the right kind of stimulation can awaken in your body. I recommend the full 90 minute session, or longer if possible.


Asian woman with sun glasses

Rosario is gifted far beyond the physical. Yes he certainly knows his job but I never for a second did I feel that this felt like a job to him. I'm very sceptical when stranger's give me compliments however Rosario was so genuine and had a tender loving touch. Rosario's interpersonal skills were amazing! Great at small talk and talking about the important things and knowing WHEN to talk. Rosario is intuitive and wise which is a skill that can't be learnt. His touch felt sacred and healing, he exceeded my expectations as I was expecting sleazy little man with a long fingernail. Rosario, you have given me something to aim for in life and I realized that night that it isn't unattainable. The work you do is very important and I can't wait to see you again!

Freya 28

Woman with white dress from the waist down

To all women who suffer from an unfulfilled sexual life.

I have known Rosario for nearly one year now. When I first met him and during the first sessions, all I wanted were remedial massages. I was deeply impressed by the feel of his truly blessed hands. But in the beginning I could not bring myself to having anything more.

For several months all I received were non-sexual massages, but eventually with my consent he introduced sensual massage to me. With this he helped me to overcome blockages, caused by sexual abuse in my childhood. These barriers were locked in my body for many years, hindering me from feeling my own body, not allowing me to enjoy the pleasure of touch or to reach an orgasm. After several sensual massages and then tantric massages, I felt these walls of protection breaking down, allowing me to awaken and enjoy my sexual energy, allowing myself to let go and build a natural relationship with my body after so many years of feeling separated from it.

Rosario is an extremely sensitive and intuitive person who listens very carefully to all my body messages and gently responds to them according to my personal needs and desires. The massage is about me only and I can completely focus on receiving. I now have an outlook on a sexually fulfilling life since I have learned so munch about my body and to discern my preferences and be clear about them.

Ursula (Fitzroy)

Woman with poncho and showing bottom part of face

I was feeling calm from the beginning, even though I had no idea what was expected of me. I followed my intuition and I knew in advance that I will get what I really need to get.

And I did!!!! The huge dose of constant pleasure! More than that, I learned how to breath right and be connected with myself. After the massage I danced differently and started to hear music in a different way – more deeply.

Rosario is the Professional and does his job amazingly well.

L. (Doncaster)

Woman with a face full of water from bucket of water

My husband and I have just had our second tantric massage session with Rosario and Jin and it was sensational. We are already planning our next visit as we can see that each massage session gets better and better for us. We were a lot more relaxed this time. Obviously the first time we were a bit hesitant about this type of massage, as we didn't know what to expect, particularly myself. But as soon as we walked through the door we were made to feel at ease and comfortable. It has improved our sex life tremendously, which is probably the main reason we decided to do this in the first place.

Rosario has been very sensitive to my needs and his focus is centered on making you feel a special and beautiful person. His professionalism made me feel safe. Our first session was about trying something different. In my case the session has been about removing my inhibitions and exploring my sexuality. Every woman should experience this - it's amazing! My husband does not feel jealous or threatened by me receiving this type of massage because Rosario's manner and professionalism makes him feel at ease.

Initially it was just about me having a massage but when booking Rosario suggested that my husband could also have a massage with Jin. At first my husband had reservations as to whether he wanted this type of massage as well. After my husband's second massage with Jin he is finding he is getting as much out of it as me. Jin also made him feel very comfortable and relaxed so as he could fully enjoy this sensual experience. He is now looking as forward to the next session as I am.

R. (Bairnsdale)

Woman with cat in blace and white image except for cats green eyes

What a great day it was, the day I met Rosario, even though I didn’t know it then.

My libido was very low and my husband had been trying almost everything before suggesting a tantric massage with Rosario. I was hesitant as I am very fussy, particular and I do not find the touch of strangers relaxing, however I was finally persuaded and I went to my appointment.

When I met Rosario, I relaxed as he has a very calming presence. I was not sure what was going to happen in the tantric massage but I opened myself to the experience, as I knew that I was safe in his hands. The touch of Rosario’s hands on my body felt divine and healing, overall an exquisite experience.

It has taken a few tantric massages to let go and enjoy the full experience. But now I cannot get enough of it. I enjoy, live and feel every second of the 2 hours massage.

My husband it is very pleased, he has a new wife, full of passion and wanting more and more of him.
We are so grateful to Rosario for what he had done for us.

Thanks for being part of our lives.

Maria (Geelong) 30

Woman holding hands to cover her face

I must admit that the first time I email Rosario about a massage I was so nervous but excited at the same time!! I had never had a tantric massage before and was extremely nervous to say that I wasnt very confident in myself was an understatement. Rosario put me at ease straight away!! I dont feel self concious at all about my body which is something that I have always been. I walk out of my massages feeling amazing & so much more confident in myself.

Rosario makes you see the beauty in yourself & be comfortable within yourself. At first I thought that I might have felt a little bit of guilt & ashamed to have this type of massage I was also wondering if I was doing the right thing but in answer to my questions I feel that I have done the BEST thing for MYSELF. I havent told anyone else about this as I do believe that this is quite personal. I wish that he was more closer to where I live so that I could have them more often. Thank you Rosario for being you! You are amazing!

N. (Geelong)

Woman holding tea cup and covering her bottom part of face

Rosario you are a true angel sent down from the gods for women, you have helped me open up a part of myself that I thought had gone, your kind, and gentle ways with an outstanding respect for women, helped heel my pain and take me to a place where I leave all my worries, stresses and frustration from my very busy life puts upon me behind. Your warm heart and soul with your beautiful aura; there is comfort in knowing you are there Rosario when I need my special place that’s just for me, I hope all the angels in heaven have your magical touch, thank you so much!

Kim 28

Woman with face leaning on wooden pole

I know deep within that it's time to let go of my thoughts and honour my femininity - For too long I've been self-concious, scared and ashamed of myself and body, and really just 'in my head most of the time". But today I crossed my first obstacle and entered Rosario's sanctuary.

What a truly beautiful soul is Rosario. And what a beautiful experience I had today. I felt my femininity flow - warm energy throughout my whole body. My vision was flooded with surges of vibrant violet colour at times. Rosario's healing touch and gentle, reassuring words just resonated. Today I felt adored, accepted and loved. I felt at peace.

I cried on the train ride back home at the joyful realisation of just how giving I have been all these years and how I truly believed that I was unworthy of receiving love.

I am inspired by and look forward to the possiblilities that lie ahead - to continue to nurture myself through this healing art and share it with others and a special man one day.

My other realisation is that the world is my mirror. I will see beauty and love in it, for this is what I am.

Thank you Rosario, Bless you.

Josephine (Craigieburn) 36

Woman right side of face with curtain shadow

My story is one where I had left a 33 year relationship having where my partner had avoided sexual contact and refused me the right of touch within an intimate setting for 10 years. Open contact in front of others was just fine. Needless to say I felt rejected, craved the skin to skin contact that feeds the human psyche and started to lose my sense of self. Part of my normal persona is to be creatively expressive so not having a sensual/sexual life was tantamount to “cutting off my right arm”!

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, (Oestrogen responsive) which hardly surprised me having had high levels of sexual frustration for so long and going through a mastectomy and chemotherapy I decided that I was not going to waste the rest of my life craving touch and sensual expression so decided to take “the bull by the horns” and seek a way through this time!

My research led me to discover Tantra and in particular Tantric Massage! But whom do I choose? The great dilemma! Being a main-stream health practitioner myself the issues of crossing the professional line with such intimate touch became a concern. Trusting my value-judgment of personality and with a few questions and discussion with Rosario about appropriate boundaries, my concerns were resolved and I felt I could trust Rosario’s professional integrity, where informed consent has always been the basis for care.

Rosario’s general talk about his partner and life in general, led me to a relationship of trust within the practitioner/client dyad.

I have felt relaxed and cared for and those who know me well, have commented on how different I look compared to 3-4 months ago. To not have to seek sensual touch by seeking out a personal relationship that may or not be right for me, has meant that I can get on with the business of re-building a solid sense of self and surprisingly has led me to realize that I am a very sensually expressive person, lost during the years of power struggles within my failing marriage.

Recently the emotions tied up with my sense of failure and my wrong belief that I was not capable of expressing myself sensually/sexually came pouring out in a session with Rosario as grief and sadness. Being the “strong” person I can be these emotions took me by surprise and Rosario was very professional in dealing with this outburst encouraging me to let it out, an aspect that had not come to light in 4 years of psychotherapy.

Thank you Rosario for helping me along my journey of recovery and re-connecting me with my feminine energy, the healing power of touch within a relationship of trust has been a truly liberating experience for me.

Allison 62

Womans face with imprint of jigsaw puzzle

Tantric massage…… It just sounds sinful and way out of my comfort level, well, it was until I met Rosario.

He put me at ease right from the word go and then after spending a bit of time chatting, He ensured that I was confident that I was in control of everything or anything that happened and if anything made me uneasy I only had to say and he would stop. However he made sure that I knew his plan was to make me feel like a goddess.

This was not an understatement and I basked in his attention. Thank you Rosario for making me feel so special, I didn't know I could. X


Womans bottom half of her face no eyes

Hi Rosario, I just wanted to say Thankyou again so much for an amazing experience today !

Wow ! I've had flashbacks and a little smile on my face all day ! Even though I'm sure my session was comparibly mild to some of your other clients, it was a very erotic experience for me, and a great starting point for a novice like myself.

I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, gentle touch, and for making me feel sexy. Michael was very pleased by how wet you had made me, and we enjoyed an AMAZING session upon return home!

While he thoroughly enjoyed his massage experience at a different venue, I don't think his session was anywhere near as personable or erotic as mine :-( he said the chick barely even spoke to him, and didn't even introduce herself. So may have to keep looking elsewhere for a couples alternative.


Womans half face showing left eye

I first contacted Rosario, as my husband and I were looking to explore erotic massage as a way of spicing up our sex life. Although quite nervous to try the tantric massage, I felt instantly at ease in Rosario's hands. He was considerate of my nerves, and my needs and provided an amazing massage experience for me.

Thank you for making me feel so sexy. I would highly recommend making a booking with Rosario to anyone considering a truly blissful and erotic experience. You will not be disappointed!'

Natalie, 33

Woman with masquerade mask Hi Rosario,

I just want to say thanks. Your not bad for a man! lol! I mean the way you connected with me, the way you helped me to trust a man again was very important to me, and I absolutely felt safe with you. Your love was amazing! The way you gave yourself to me, was like I was yours! See you again next week!

Clair P. Smith or Jones take your pick, lol, from Ivanhoe 31
P.S. Sorry it took awhile for the testimonial.