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Deer Park, Victoria, 3023 Australia
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lessons in The Art of Sensual and Erotic Massage...

Sensual & Erotic Massage classes for men, women, singles, couples or professionals is Presented by Rosario. All classes are private, not group lessons.

Tantric Massage: Inspire a Man and Woman’s Surrender and Extended Arousal

Rosario covers creating sacred space, preparing a man or woman’s mind and body to "receive connection." The difference between male and female touch, full back and front body strokes, understanding genital massage, external and internal g-spot massage. Rosario invites you to try out various strokes for a hands on experience, receiving guidance and feedback on your touch from the teacher and the model. Such an intimate learning opportunity from two experts is rare and precious.

Many women have not experienced sexual pleasure without feeling pressure to perform or "give back." Women often try to take care of the giver instead of fully receiving. Many women have yet to experience being loved and touched without anticipating intercourse.

In our rich experiential session, professionals and non-professionals will learn techniques for prolonging ecstatic realms and non-goal oriented touching. Experience sensual massage that is healing and spiritual, enhancing to partner intimacy, rejuvenating to the body, and inspiring for deeper rapport.

Women, send your man to this extraordinary opportunity, or better yet, join him! Men and Women, join me for an experience that will create more intimacy, appreciation, gratitude and more pleasure in your life!